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We are a passionate community committed to providing the best care and service for your pets’ health! Our team works hard to ensure that your furry friend gets the best possible well-being and convenience as they grow with you.

We understand your pet’s needs and strive to provide maximum comfort and confidence to allow them to be the best selves they can be!

At Diva Pet-Care & Mobile Pawlor, as professionals, we’re partnered with other pet-oriented businesses such as stores, kennels, animal rescue operations locally and in overseas, veterinarians, pet transportators or suppliers for pet supplies, medical assistance, transportation and healthcare.
Multiple combinations of these options are available to your needs of service that will be attended to with just a call away.
We are looking forward to building partnerships with pet-oriented personnel in our community to serve niche markets and clients with a touch of natural well-being, as well as to provide existing rescue operations that need our service at a compassionate level.
We provide our services to privatized homes and designated areas, reciprocating care for the animal community. Diva Pet-Care & Mobile Pawlor, we are positive about the idea of ​​servicing our customers in all ways related to animal care and health.
Please contact us for future clarification and reservations.

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It is more than just the love we have for our community, it is also about providing the best care and services for life. 

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